Los Angeles CA

12-19-2017 – Deadline: 11-19-2017 – pay

Submission Deadline: 11-19-17 Burlesque Stage Kitten – Panther – pick up Pay: $25+tips submit LOOSE LIPS CASTING CALL: The Ho-lidays are here and it’s time to celebrate all the nostalgia and joyful memories (mammaries?) they can bring with a very special LOOSE LIPS RUINS YOUR CHILDHOOD! That’s right! I want burlesque acts that pay tribute… Continue reading 12-19-2017 – Deadline: 11-19-2017 – pay

San Diego CA

02-25-2018 – Deadline: 12-31-2017 – pay

Burlesque Boylesque Emcee Pay: Negotiable Submit Burlesque Brunch San Diego is an acclaimed semi-monthly production that features burlesque artists performing to the music of a LIVE jazz band! The event is held in the Mississippi Ballroom at the historic LaFayette Hotel in the University Heights neighborhood of San Diego. This highly successful show has been… Continue reading 02-25-2018 – Deadline: 12-31-2017 – pay

Phoenix AZ

01-20-2018 – Deadline: 12-17-17 – pay

Burlesque Boylesque Variety Acts Magic Pay: Negotiable Submit Burlescapades, Phoenix based production team, is working on our next show! Cinelesque 5 will be on January 20th and auditions are due by midnight Dec 17th. We are looking for movie themed/inspired acts as well as TV show/character inspired acts! May the odds be ever in your… Continue reading 01-20-2018 – Deadline: 12-17-17 – pay

Long Beach CA

12-16-2017 – Deadline: 12-01-2017 – Pay

Burlesque Boylesque Variety Acts Magic Pay $100 Submit Seduction: Winter Wonderland Harvelle’s (201 E. Broadway Long Beach, CA 90802) We do 2 Shows: 9pm & 11pm – HOLIDAY/WINTER Themed BURLESQUE ACTS We are looking for High Production Value Holiday/Winter Themed Burlesque Acts. Video Links and Detailed Description and/or Photos Required. PAY: $100.00 for the night… Continue reading 12-16-2017 – Deadline: 12-01-2017 – Pay

Reseda CA

12-14-2017 – Reseda, CA – pay

Submission Deadline: 11-14-2017 Burlesque Boylesque Variety Acts Drag Magic Stage Kitten – Panther – pick up Pay $25 plus tips Submit The theme is terrible cover songs! t can be burlesque, singing, lipsync, comedy, sideshow, performance art, slam poetry, stupid human tricks, show and tell, storytelling, gymnastics…ANYTHING. Or if you just have a weird act… Continue reading 12-14-2017 – Reseda, CA – pay

Kansas City MO

8-06-18/8-12-18 – (Kansas City Nerdlesque Festival) – Deadline: 02-01-2018 pay

Submission Deadline: 02-01-2018 Burlesque Boylesque Variety Arts Drag Magic PAY: small stipend, a gift bag, free entry to all performances, free vendor space (you must provide someone to work your booth), discounted workshops, and housing submit The Kansas City Nerdlesque Festival is presented by Annie-Mae Allure in cooperation with KC Perform and Drops Unlimited Entertainment… Continue reading 8-06-18/8-12-18 – (Kansas City Nerdlesque Festival) – Deadline: 02-01-2018 pay